Dawne Happy Housewife Design Owner South Orange County

About Me

Hi - I'm Dawne the owner of Happy Housewife Designs. I live in South Orange County, CA with my husband, 2 teenagers, and 2 cats.

Happy Housewife Designs was started in 2013 with the idea that there is a need for quality handmade products that you can't necessarily find in a store. The unicorn headbands are my most favorite product to create. I love seeing the smile on a child's face when they put one on. My mouse ear headbands are a customer favorite. I enjoy the process of creating new ears. They can be customized for a particular character.

The company strives to provide a fun shopping experience whether it is online or in person. Check out our FAQ page and Blog. We attend several in person events throughout the year, check my events page for upcoming markets. Feel free to reach out with any questions.