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Mermaid Mouse Ear Headband

Mermaid Mouse Ear Headband

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Ready to make waves? These Mermaid Mouse Ear Headbands come in 3 shimmery shades of pink, aqua, and purple - perfect for a mer-mazing look! Slip one on and feel the sea breeze in your hair. (Add a splash of fun to any look.)

3.25" mermaid mouse ear headband with 5" lavender sequin bow. Comes in purple or aqua ears! 

3.25” mermaid mouse ear headband with pink sequin bow and pink mermaid ears. 

Fits a child to an adult! Recommended for ages 3 years and up! 

Perfect for your trip to visit under the sea!

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Our Mouse Ear Headbands are a one size fits all. We recommend ages 3 years and up.
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