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Mini Flower Claw Clip

Mini Flower Claw Clip

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These mini flower hair claws are made of durable plastic, and painted with a matte paint. The paint doesn't scuff, or peel. The reliable spring is strong and the clips open almost 140 degrees versus which enough to help keep your hair in place whether dry or wet! The teeth and long enough that the keep a good grasp. They are the perfect durable material without feeling too heavy. Great for thick hair, curly or straight.

These flower claw clips are non-slip, so you can be assured that your hair will stay put.

The clips are 1.3x1.3x0.7 Inches. These flower clips are just the right size - hold all of your thick hair, but also would be tight enough for thinner hair. The have inner teeth for a more secure hold. These clips are the perfect size! Just stretch the teeth around your hair and it kept it in place.

The multi-color clips could meet your all hairstyle and match different outfits!

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