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Mouse Ear Headband

Mouse Ear Headband

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Introducing our enchanting Mouse Ear Headbands, designed for a magical and comfortable experience that can be worn all day without headaches.
These black sequin mouse ears with mouse cutouts and either a yellow 5" bow on black satin headband or without the bow are perfect for adding a touch of whimsy and magic to your every day.
These one-size-fits-all headbands are inspired by the your favorite animated characters. Whether you're strolling through magical theme parks or simply adding a playful flair to your ensemble, our headbands are crafted for a cozy and headache-free fit.
Recommended for ages 3 years and up, these mouse ear headbands offer a magical fit for everyone, ensuring you can enjoy them throughout the day with ease. Crafted with detail, each pair features charming ears that capture the essence of your favorite animated characters. Inspired by Mickey. 

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Our Mouse Ear Headbands are a one size fits all. We recommend ages 3 years and up.
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